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Lexington Adventures – Rise of the Tribbles

Lexington Adventures – Rise of the Tribbles

This fan film by Vance Major Owen is an interesting take on the “problem” the Klingon Empire has with the furry little creatures known as Tribble’s that were first viewed in the Star Trek TOS(the original series) season 2 episode “The Trouble With Tribble’s”.  This episode is viewed as a “historical file” with both Klingon’s and Federation Officers telling the tale of how the Federation learned of a foe, that frustrated even the mighty Klingon Empire.  The Tribbles even had a Homeworld deep in Klingon space. The Federation wanted to make contact with the unknown foe, because they thought this foe would give the Federation an advantage in their conflicts in the future with the Klingons.  However by the time the Federation got a ship to the planet, they were met by a Klingon Battle Cruiser and a Bird of Prey.  Over matched, the Federation ship barely escaped.  The Klingons in an effort to restore their honor wiped out the Tribbles, and proceeded to hunt down as many Tribbles as they could find.  However the Kingons also learned that this episode taught them that the Federation and Klingons had some things in common, and that would play a role in their combined futures.  Klingons view Tribbles as without honor because all they do is eat and reproduce.  The end scene is Minard stroking his pet Tribble with a smirk on his face.

overall – I liked the fact that this was a “documentary” episode.  It made for a nice change of pace to the usual “live action” type of fan film we usually see.  It is also nice to see the character of Minard delve back into his past from time to time.  Steve Attwell’s portrayal of the Klingon warrior Krorath was well done.  He had the right tone of voice to play a Klingon.  He spoke mostly English, but mixed in some words of the Klingon Language in the right intervals not to take away from his dialog.  The end credit scene was unexpected but still fun. All in all, a fun companion piece to the episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”. Another well done effort.

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