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Kickstarter- Legend of Oz: The Wicked West

Kickstarter- Legend of Oz: The Wicked West

Legend of Oz: The Wicked West was my introduction to Big Dog Ink.  By chance, I saw an add for the first issue many moons ago.  I had my comic book store add it to my pull list when no one else in the store was picking it up.  I was so happy I did.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from from this independent comic book company, Big Dog Ink.  I found an amazing story with Great writing and eye popping beautiful art work.  This lead me to buy several other comics from this publisher over the years.

Writer and owner, Tom Hutchison is an amazing writer.  His style is writer is exciting, visual, and full of complex and marvelous stories.  Every book of his that I read, I couldn’t wait for the next issue.  Legend of Oz: The Wicked West is the Best of his writing.

Because of life, Big Dog Ink had to stop publishing for a while.  Now they are getting their comics out with Kickstarter campaigns. My hope is this will get things jump started for their return to regular publishing of their great books in the near future.

The Kickstarter campaign for Legend of Oz: The Wicked West started today and has already met initial pledge goal of $9,000.00.  There are a ton of awesome stretch goals and benefits.  You will not regret supporting this awesome comic.


Dorothy Gale, and her horse Toto, fell into Oz through a mysterious twister that swept through her home in Kansas. As her barn crashed to earth, it landed on the reigning Witch of the East. The munchkins granted Dorothy the use of the East’s Ruby pistols and spurs and send her on her way to the Emerald City, far down the Yellow Brick Road.

The Road, built of gold bricks, quickly disappeared however, and Dorothy was lost in Oz for over three years. Upon finding a brick in the Oz desert, Dorothy and Toto decide to take one last journey to find the Wizard that can supposedly send her home.

Our story follows much of what you remember as the story of Oz, Dorothy and the Emerald City, but while we pay homage to L. Frank Baum and his vision, we have overlapped his stories and created our own twists while maintaining the themes and ideals of Baum’s creation.

This story was created from a place of love and respect for Baum’s work, and has found a place among even the most strict and devoted classic Oz enthusiasts. We are invited year after year as guests of Oz-Stravaganza where the Wicked West has garnered strong connections within the Oz community, including a forward in Volume 1 written by a Baum relative, Marc Baum.

Action. Adventure. Magic and a little steampunk. All of these things exist within the pages of the Wicked West, and we hope you’ll join us for the foundation of 2020’s “Age of Ozma” story arc that begins right here!


Stay Geeky!

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