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Kickstarter: Dungeon Battle-Maps

Kickstarter: Dungeon Battle-Maps

Here is a fun Kickstarter for Role Playing fans.  You can have 10 fully made and different digital battle maps.  This works great with how much things have gone digital for role playing games in 2020.  You can also print them for in person games.

These maps have a unique design.  They have not only the map itself but also the description of symbols and a note section on the maps.

The Kickstarter has already made its goal and more.  It has unlocked a few more maps that you will get if you back the project.  The maps are at a reasonable price of either around $4 for the maps in Black and White only or you can pay around $7 for Papyrus along with the Black and White maps.

I know when I am ran adventures, I hated drawing maps.  I am not artistic at all.  I loved having a map as a reference for the players but it was painful to create.  Now for only a few dollars, I have really KOOL maps to use on adventures.

(via Kickstarter Dungeon)

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