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Kickstarter: DC20

Kickstarter: DC20

DC20 is a TTRPG in the style of Dungeons and Dragons.  It takes the best parts of D&D and makes them better.  Check out this Kickstarter for DC20.

  • Dynamic Agency: Players get 4 Action Points in Combat to spend on a variety of actions both on and off their turn. Everyone has resources to spend in unique and custom ways, along with options to combo together with allies! This keeps them engaged and opens up the creativity of what is possible for both Player and GM.
  • Custom Character Creation: Become the character you always wished you could be with iconic and unique abilities. Choose your own primary Attribute and customize your Ancestry to create a truly one of a kind character.
  • Exciting Mechanics: DC20 emphasizes and rewards high rolls (especially Nat 20’s) across the entire game, leading to an electric energy at your table!
  • Empowered Game Masters: Unique Challenge Systems for ALL 3 Pillars of the game (Social, Combat, Exploration) gives GM’s the tools to tell more cinematic, immersive, and EPIC stories together!

I have pledged for this game. It looks incredible. I am excited about the changes.

Stay Geeky!

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