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Kickstarter: A Night On Ghost Island

Ghost Island
My Buddy, Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides, is the creator of this comic story, A Night On Ghost Island.  It is a coming of age story about a group of friends.  The Kickstarter for this comic is down to the last Five Days.

If you have an interest, please check it out.  If you can donate and help out a great artist, then please do it.  This is a worthy project.

A Night On Ghost Island is an ~80 page young adult graphic novella that does not talk down to kids and will involve big ideas like being an Atheist with believer friends while on the surface being a coming of age story in the vein of Stand by Me.

Too much of the comic book industry is monthly superhero fanfare. A Night on Ghost Island brings diversity of audience and genre to the medium.

Comic book conventions are increasingly becoming focused on superhero/pop culture consumerism, so it’s harder to push books from more obscure creators.

By funding this project, you’re making it easier to keep indie comics in artist alley and on the shelves.

Check out this awesome graphic novella.  I have read several of Nicholas’ comics.  They are awesome and I know this book will be too.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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