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Justice League Part 1 Begins Filming April 11th

Image via comicbook.com
Image via comicbook.com

DC’s Justice League Part 1 begins filming on April 11th.  According to Entertainment Weekly, the filming of  Justice League Part 1 will occur no matter what Box Offices sales are for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Zack Snyder will direct this superhero team movie.

Recent rumors stated Justice League Part 1 might be in jeopardy if Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t perform as well as expected. Many believed that Warner Bros and DC Comics were hedging their bets.  The EW article insinuates this is not the case.

Looks like Warner Bros and DC are all in.  They plan on filming Justice League Part 1 no matter how much money  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice brings in.  Of course, it is easy to declare that now.  What happens if  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is this year’s Fantastic Four?

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