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Justice League Movie Re-shoot Issues or No Big Deal?

Reports are running wild on the Geek websites about the Justice League movie.  The Justice League movie is going through some re-shoots. This is normal for a movie to have.  They are there to replace scenes or shots that are not working for post production.  There is always some things that need a different take after primary shooting.  Most major movies have a budget of 10 Million Dollars or less for re-shoot process and take a week or two.  The Justice League has doing re-shoots for over 2 months and have a budget of 25 Million.  Many sources are calling these re-shoots to be extensive.

The Justice League has some unique challenges.  Firstly, this is a huge cast of main characters.  It is a League of heroes and each of them need scenes re-shoot.  There is a lot of schedules to balance and bring people in for.

Some of the actors are in the middle of other projects. They have to take time off of other films to come back for their re-shoots. The schedule and timing for re-shoots have been a problem for some actors like Ezra Miller.  Miller is filming the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Henry Cavill is in the middle of shooting for Mission Impossible 6.  Cavill grew a mustache for Mission Impossible and Paramount will not allow him to shave it until he is finished Mission Impossible.  Justice League will digitally remove Cavill’s stache from the movie.   This has caused some joking and fun with Superman with facial hair.  See the comical meme below with the whole cast with mustaches.

Via Cameron Stewart’s Twitter

Another challenge that might help explain the time and cost with the re-shoots is the change in directors.  Zach Snyder stepped down after the death of his daughter in March.  Avengers director, Joss Whedon, took over for Snyder . The styles of Snyder and Whedon can be very different.  There is a ton of speculation that Whedon was asked by Warner Bros to re-shoot part of the film to give it a lighter feel that the feel of Batman V Superman and closer to the feel of Avengers or Wonder Woman.

Whedon is known for focusing on building characters and adding humor. This style fits closer to the Summer smash hit of Wonder Woman.  Warner Bros and DC Comics have found a movie that really resonates with fans and the general public in Wonder Woman.  It makes sense to tap into it when putting out your flagship super hero movie, Justice League.

The cast was asked at San Diego Comic Con about Zach Snyder and changes with the re-shoots. The cast appeared unified that the re-shoots are not anything thing to worry about. They are not as extensive or grueling as speculated.  They showed support for Synder and his vision for Justice League.  They have also voiced support for Whedon’s hand in the post production and re-shoots.

So what is the truth in the matter?  Is it really extensive or is the cast correct that these are just normal re-shoots?  The truth is probably some where in between those those views.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  We know the movie has more re-shoot time and money than most blockbusters but that doesn’t mean it is bad or changing things.  If it does change things, I am hopeful we will get an awesome Justice League movie in November no matter what.

(via Vox, Variety, Comicbookmovie.com)

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