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Jason Todd Lives- This Time

Jason Todd Lives- This Time

Back in 1988, Batman was on his second Robin, Jason Todd. He was not a popular character at all. Fans were constantly complaining how he was flawed and different from the first Robin, Dick Grayson, who took on the new hero name of Nightwing.

DC Comics decided to do a gimmick.  The put in a method for fans to vote if Jason Todd’s Robin would die at the hand of the Joker or find a way to survive. I don’t believe that the staff of DC Comics actually thought there was a a chance the public would pay money to call a phone number and vote to kill Robin. But that is what they did.  1988 was a dark time in the hearts of comic readers.

For whatever reason, DC Universe streaming service decided to let the public vote again. After all the gimmick worked so well the first time.  At the end season 1 of Titans television series, Jason Todd/ Robin has been plunged off of a 50 story building by Deathstroke .  DC Universe set up a Website poll so fans could cast a vote for Jason Todd to once again die at the hands of a public  or survive.

The vote are in and it was close.  But this time Jason will survive.  51% of people voted for Jason to to survive.  Even though the public didn’t vote to kill him off, 49% of voters still wanted to see him die… again.  This shows how much people still disdain Jason Todd.

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