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Jake Laser Creates Cap Shield the Bounces Correctly

Jake Laser Creates Cap Shield the Bounces Correctly

Youtuber Jake Laser (JLaser) had done what many of us geeks have dreamed of for years. He created a Captain America Shield bounces back to you correctly. It can bounce off multiple walls and go back to him. Laser is known for his creative ways to create superhero gear like an Iron Man glove.  Many other “shields” have a drone attached to fly around but Laser goes about it in a different manner.

The shield isn’t exactly made out of Vibranium, which doesn’t exist in our world. “It’s made of carbon fiber with a fiberglass ring to provide bounce while keeping maximum strength. The shield magnetically connects to the users wrist and can be thrown overhand like Captain America.” (Youtube)  It will not stop bullets like Cap’s shield but the Carbon fiber will  stop a knife attack and give you some protection.

It is a really KOOL video that shows you the process he goes through with testing and coming up with new ideas.  It was an enjoyable watch for the nerdy geek boy.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Stay Geeky!

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