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Images of the DC’s Titans

Images of the DC’s Titans

DC’s All Access channel series, Titans, has revealed some images of this new series.  The first two are from EW.  The Bottom two are from IGN.

I look at this time and compare it to the comics and shake my head. Really? This is how they are going to look?

We have images of Robin I, Dick Grayson, interacting with Robin II, Jason Todd.

In the comics, Jason Todd is not a real likable Robin.  He is a bit of a jerk.  He was so disliked, the fans voted to have him killed (don’t worry, he got better).  The above interaction between Dick and Jason in the same exact costume is intriguing and might be fun to watch.

I am not sold on this series. The 1980s Teen Titans, which this series is based on, was one of my all time favorite comics.  I am not convinced this series will do it justice.  Honestly, I cannot get past the ecstatic of this team and character.  I don’t like how they look at all.

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