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Humorous Retro 80s Style Ads

Humorous Retro 80s Style Ads

I am a child of the 80s.  I love getting nostalgic for the big 80s decade. These are fake humorous commercials often mashing things together.  These fake retro commercials were produced by Ryan Reynolds.  Most of them star Alfonso Riveiro and/ or Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame.

Mashing up an Oscar Meyer Wiener commercial with a sexy Brook Shields Calvin Klein commercial, Pure genius.

The PSA ads of the 80s were iconic and … well… cheesy.  Why not mash up a a brain on drugs commercial with Kraft Singles? And for good measure, through in a “Party Line” number to call for singles. Hahahaha

There isn’t much more iconic from the the 80s than the power shoulder pads. That is why the Jack In the Box fake commercial was right on target.

It was important to be an American and to be scared of the Communists.  We used it in our commercials?  My favorite part is “Vote American.. Gin… brought to you by Canadian.”

This one is my favorite.  I remember watching “This Old House” with Bob Villa.  Bringing in the KOOL Aid Man to be responsible for the hole in the wall?  PREFECT!

Combining an 80s Soap Opera and the slowness commercials of the Heinz Ketchup. Perfect way to end the list.

(Via Nerdist)


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