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How dare they put a girl into a Star War!

PVP is a webcomic that follows the trials and tribulations of a group of employees of a small gaming company.  I have been reading the strip for a very long time and quite often find it hits very close to home with how it feels to live in my geeky little world.

Today’s strip is a perfect example of that.  Author and artist, Scott Kurtz, took the topic of people reviewing movies before they are even released and rolled that into the larger conversation of, unfortunately, what the geek community does to its members by ostracizing them for seemingly random reasons.

Comic Image for 2019-02-27

Never one to shy away from topics, Scott touches on things like work anxiety, the death of family, friends, and pets, Troll farts, and the mystery that is cats.

If you are looking for a webcomic that speaks to your geekier side, you should check out both of their current strips.  PVP can be found at http://pvponline.com/ while their companion series, Table Titans, about groups of role-playing game enthusiasts, can be found at http://tabletitans.com/.


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