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My very talented friend, Nate Howard, has been writing the awesome weekly indie web comic, Potbelly Mammoth,  since 2014.  Potbelly Mammoth is a fun look at life of 20 somethings along with a miniature Potbelly Mammoth named Mammy and a teacup T-Rex.  If you haven’t been reading this, you should be.  Here is a great way to catch up by supporting Nate and his kickstarter,  POTBELLY MAMMOTH Vol.1: BEHOLD THE MAMMOTH!

Check out the below information and the awesome video.  Show Nate some love because this series is almost as awesome as Nate.


“POTBELLY MAMMOTH Vol.1: BEHOLD THE MAMMOTH!” is the first full color, 200+ page book release, featuring the first 100 strips from the website, re-formatted for easy book reading, plus bonus extras not found on the site. This includes fan art from the last 4 years, original character and set sketches that didn’t make the cut, and more!

The good news is, the book is already done! The “meat and potatoes” of Vol. 1 is made of content posted to the website at PotbellyMammoth.com,. Want to see what you’re getting into? Go check out the website and browse the archive, but be sure to bookmark the page and follow me on Facebook, because once this first chapter is released, I have a LOT more content planned for chapter 2. Once funded, I will work directly with the printer myself to proof and review the final print, and plan to have a quick turn-around straight into your hands.

Thank you all for the love and support throughout the past few years. Your encouragement has carried my work much further than I could have expected!

Check out the Kickstarter right here.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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