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Hollywood Theater in Springfield Closing January 5th

Hollywood Theater in Springfield Closing January 5th

The Hollywood Theater in Springfield, MO is closing their doors on January 5th. The College Station Hollywood theater, that serves downtown Springfield, will be closed down for good. Their parent company, Cineworld Group, had declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in September of 2022. Closing of this theater is a part of their bankruptcy.

Movie Theaters around the country have had a difficult time since COVID hit in 2020. Many of the theaters have not bounced back from the shutdowns. It appears not as many people are going out to the movies as they had prior. There have been a few huge blockbusters since 2020 but not like there was before.

This is very sad news for Springfield and movie fans. The Hollywood Theater was a great downtown theater that often catered to the college crowd. It was clean and fun and had some personality.

We will see if another theater company has the vision to take over the building or if it will sit there empty.

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