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Henry Cavil Hangs Up Cape- Super No More

Henry Cavil Hangs Up Cape- Super No More

Henry Cavill has hung up his cape according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Justice League was the last time he will be Superman.  He portrayed Clark and Superman in three movies.  His character was raised from the dead in Justice League but his role is now deceased.  Cavill will no longer be Clark Kent/ Superman.

Warner Bros attempt to sign Cavill for a guest cameo appearance in the Shazam! movie.  Warner Bros held negotiations with Cavill’s WME reps.  Rumors point to a Warner Bros closed out negations with Cavill with no contact nor further negotiations.   Cavill signed on to star in the Netflix series The Witcher after the failed contract negotiations.

There were rumors of a possible Man of Steel 2 movie but it wasn’t set for the near future.  The Justice League sequel still dangles out there.  Warner Bros has plans for a possible Supergirl origin movie. The Super family franchise is up in the air (pun intended).

Will Warner Bros use this as a reset on their DCEU since they don’t have their Superman and rumored Batman?  If they do reset it, how does this affect the rest of the Universe?  The Aquaman movie will hit theaters in December with Jason Momoa.  Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984 in November of next year.  Any reboot of the DCEU is sure to keep the popular Gadot’s Wonder Woman and probably Momoa’s Aquaman, depending on the success of the .  Does Warner Bros simply re-cast Superman and Batman or do they find a way to completely reboot and keep Gadot and Momoa?  Only time will tell what Warner Bros does to fix their superhero series.

UPDATE: Dany Garcia is the Henry Cavill’s agent.  They tweeted the following:

We will put out an update if this information changes.

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