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Hasbro Buying D&D Beyond to Add to D&D

Hasbro Buying D&D Beyond to Add to D&D

Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast which owns the role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.  Several companies have partnered with Dungeons and Dragons for online content.  The most popular is the website D&D Beyond, where one can buy the books digitally and create characters and even play online.

Dungeons and Dragons has wanted to provide online content for a while.  They recently announced that changes were coming in the future with 5.5e coming in the future.  This brought up a lot of questions including if D&D Beyond would survive.

Yesterday, it was announced that Hasbro is in process of purchasing D&D Beyond from Fandom. It will be added under the Wizards of the Coast group and added to the Dungeons and Dragons section.  Now Dungeons and Dragons has their digital platform they have been hinting at for a while.

There is hope this will make things more convenient for fans.  There is hope that if a person buys a physical copy of a book, they can get the digital book for free or discounted on D&D Beyond. There is hope for D&D Beyond to get a top of the line Virtual Table Top system added to their site.  A lot of fans are excited for a variety of reasons.

There are some skeptical fans out there. They have seen things go sidewise with Wizards of the Coast in the past.  There is fear that if you put all of the eggs in one basket then they will have no need to grow as fast.  They point to how big business can squash creativity.  All are fair concerns.

I am hopeful that this will be amazing news but we will see how it affects both D&D and D&D Beyond in the long run.

(Via Businesswire)

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