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Happy New Years 2023 From Geeky KOOL

Happy New Years 2023 From Geeky KOOL

Happy New Years 2023 from Geeky KOOL. Tomorrow we start a New Year. Today we celebrate the end of 2022 and the hopes and dreams of 2023.

2022 has personally been a rough year for me and my family. Lots of challenges and tears. I know it has been trying for a lot of us. But it hasn’t been totally bad. There has been some good mixed in there.

In 2022, Geeky KOOL had some ups and downs. We had our site taken down temporarily. We had our lowest site visits in years for a month around that happening. We have also bounced back from it in style. The last couple of months have set records for our site and the number of people discovering it. We live streamed a wedding between AJ (Ace) and Shpoo, who are a part of our family. We also got to attend some conventions. There were a lot of great things for Geeky KOOL in 2022 even though we had our share of the bad things.

We have big plans for 2023 to be even better than 2022 on Geeky KOOL. We have “Professor and Ace” returning on Tuesday with our second Season. We have plans to add more streaming in the near future. We have lots of KOOL changes coming up.

I want to thank our loyal readers and watchers of our site. You are our backbone. You give us the strength to carry on when times are rough. Thank you all.

For our new readers and watchers, thank you for joining us. We are happy to have you in our Geeky KOOL family. We hope to keep you around and keep you regularly checking our site for KOOL content.

We wish you all a bright New Year with 2023. May it be far superior to 2022 … or 2021 … or 2020. May it be the best year ever (yes even better than 1986 which was an amazing year for me).

Stay Safe and Stay Geeky!

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