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Brickfest Live

Brickfest Live


Brickfest Live, the Lego brick building tour stopped in Hampton, Virginia today, so I went and checked it out, as I love building lego’s, they are my new hobby. There were a lot of displays by builders, a store to buy Lego sets, and lots of bricks for Lego fans to build their own creations. There were builders you could talk to, and find out why they built Lego’s,  I took a lot of photos, which I will Share below. The tour is continuing into 2023, with stops in the following cities:

Jan 7, 2023 – Milwaukee, WI

Jan 14, 2023 – Columbus, OH

Jan 21, 2023 – Tinley Park, IL

Jan 28, 2023 – Milwaukee, WI

Feb 4, 2023 – Houston, TX

Feb 11, 2023 – Austin, TX

Feb 18, 2023 – Mesa, AZ

Mar 11, 2023 – Memphis, TN

Mar 1=8, 2023 – Dallas, TX

Apr 1, 2023 – Robstown, TX

Apr 15, 2023 – Hartford, CT

Apr 29, 2023 – Edison, NJ

May 13, 2023 – Nova, MI

May 20, 2023 – Austin, TX

I am sure more dates will be added to the tour, but those are all the dates listed at Ticketmaster.com.  Now for the photos



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