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Green Hornet Rights to Amasia Entertainment

Green Hornet Rights to Amasia Entertainment

The Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato were pulp heroes of 1930s on the radio. He transitioned to film serials in the 40s.  Then moved to television hero during the 1960s with Bruce Lee playing Kato.  2011 the Green Hornet hit the screens again but this time as an off beat comedy.

The Green Hornet is a masked vigilante hero in the vane the Shadow and Zorro. He often pretends to be a bad guy like a mobster to get an in with the underground criminals.  His partner/side kick Kato helps helps out the Hornet and kicks butt in a fight.  Their car, Black Beauty, is loaded with tech and weapons.  The Green Hornet wears his green mask and carries cool weapons.  His secret identity is publisher Britt Reid.

Amasia Entertainment views The Green Hornet as a superhero franchise character.  They hope to create a unique story for this character while being true to his history. They hope to be true to the original vision of the character from creator George W. Trendle, which will get fans excited.   That vision would be of a gritty vigilante like Batman (Green Hornet predates Batman).

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