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Google’s Time Crystals

Google’s Time Crystals

Google has created (supposedly) something that sounds like it is right out of science fiction, Time Crystals.  No, it isn’t a KOOL way to make your car into a time machine.  But rather it is a new technology to use inside of a quantum computer and is being considered a new phase of matter.  If it holds true on what Google thinks they have, this may be a huge science and technology advancement.  This discovery has yet to go through full peer review in the scientific community.  Check out The Next Web article for full details as I try to hit the highlights.

Time crystals can move from different configurations without losing any energy.   This is well beyond what we currently know about physics.  The time crystals can survive the energy processes without falling victim to entropy or degrading.  In fact, they can change from different states without negatively affect them.
Advancing technology to the state of our science fiction dreams will require quantum computers.  Modern quantum computers are amazing at solving hard problems but these same computers are hard to maintain.  They become worn very quickly because of decoherence.  In theory, Time crystals could be used in the quantum computers to ensure quantum coherence and keep from degrading.

So what does this actually mean for you?  If Google has proven time crystals can exist and can be created, then this can revolutionize quantum computers.  Quantum computers can then be better used to help solve the world’s medical problems such as cancer and set up technology for the future with potential space travel or a perpetual power source to power the world.  The potential of this discovery are huge for all of our lives.

Will time crystals be proven out and be adaptable in the manner Google and other scientists believe it might?  We will see but it is exciting news in the world of technology that could make a better life for us all.

(via thenextweb)

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