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Google’s Project Sunroof

Image via money.cnn.com
Image via money.cnn.com

Google has created their next big project in Project Sunroof.  Google can examine your roof structure, size, and style to determine if solar panels on your house would be practical for your home.  Just type in your address in Project Sunroof  and it will use Google Maps to analysis your home.  They will give recommendations for the types and sizes of solar panels (if any).  Read more about Project Sunroof and how it works here.

Project Sunroof is currently available in a few select places.  It is only available in San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno CA and Greater Boston MA.  They have promised to quickly expand their area so people all over the country can check out their homes.

This is a really KOOL idea.  Google continues to use technology to push technology into the next great expansion.

(via google.com/get/sunroof)

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