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Google and Best Buy may team up again for Nexus 6P sales.

Image via forbes.com
Image via forbes.com

Bryan here… I’m an Android kind of guy.  Not that Apple doesn’t make great stuff.  They do.

But I like to play and modify (even if only in the software sense) so Android suits me and since Google basically owns my life (i.e. Gmail, GCal, Chrome, Google Now, GMaps, etc, etc, etc…) it is a no-brainer that I would gravitate that way.

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S4 for 2+ years and really wishing for a new phone and the object of my affection (lust?) has turned to the Google/Huawei Nexus 6P.  The problem has been how to buy the darn thing.

Right now there are three-ish options:

  1. Amazon (since I have gift cards) has them but every offer is $100 more than what you get directly from the source.
  2. The Google Store has them in stock and shipping in 1-2 days but the price is straight up and $550 is a lot a cash to lay out all at once.  The advantage here is they have a full replacement offer for $89 even for accidents.
  3. Huawei has them for the same price as Google and offers a payment plan for 18 months, which is nice, but no replacement plan.

But, now there are reports that Google and Best Buy may be teaming to sell the Nexus 6P directly in store.  It makes sense with Best Buy already selling the LG-made 5X in store and with the 6P being one of the hottest phones (not literally) on the market.  More info can be found about the rumor and the 6P over on Android Central.

And about that “replacement plan” I mentioned.  2 years of sales at Circuit City (you do remember them, right?) taught me to be leery about these plans, but 2 years ago the one I got via Sams Club saved me a lot of money and ended up bumping me from an S3 to an S4.  I would only go for one if the price and conditions were right, however, no cell phone is easy to fix if the screen goes bad or buttons stop working, so this would be the place for me to start looking at one.

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