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Glass Character Trailers. #1 is Named “Beast”

Glass Character Trailers. #1 is Named “Beast”

M Night Shyamalan started his career with the topsy-turvy flick “The 6th Sense”.  He then followed that up with, in my humble opinion, is the just as excellent “Unbreakable”.  Centering around Bruce Willis’ character that realizes he has never been sick or gotten hurt in his life and that he can be the hero his city needs.

***  Spoilers, sweetie!  Spoilers Ahead! ***

After a few hits and far too many misses, Shyamalan came back last year with the surprise hit “Split” which, in typical Shyamalan style, had the twist in the last seconds of the movie of revealing that it was actually a sequel to “Unbreakable” when Bruce Willis show up in a bar scene where news of the rest of the movie is playing on a TV.

*** End of Spoilers… Sort of. ***

Glass is part three of this trilogy and these teasers are intros to the characters central to its plot.

Photo and video courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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