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Geeky TV News- Renewed and Canceled Series

TV Trailer: Agent Carter (Behind the Scenes)
The geeky TV news hit hard today.  Three KOOL series just found out their fate for another season.

ABC broke the news about two of their series.  Castle brought us Eight seasons of Nathan Fillion as the novel writer and mega geek Rick Castle and his friends at the New York Police Department.  News of the departure of Stana Katic as Kate Beckett and Tamala Jones as  Lanie Parish from the series hit last month.  Fans thought Castle would return but without his love interest.  Many fans stated that would rather Castle be canceled than to go on without Beckett.  Those fans got their wish.  ABC canceled Castle.   (Deadline)

ABC also announced the fate of Marvel’s Agent Carter.  After reports practically confirmed Agent Carter for a third season, ABC has decided against another season of my favorite Marvel television series (which is high praise with their awesome series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones).  The second season for Peggy and her friends wasn’t as well received as the first season.  The potential and moments of awesomeness were displayed in the second season.  The series was originally intended as a miniseries but the popularity brought an unexpected second season.  (THR)

I am a huge fan of Marvel’s Agent Carter and Hayley Atwell.  I hate this news.  It might be possible that Netflix could see the value in this Marvel television series will a loyal following and move the series there.  Atwell will star in ABC new series, Conviction, which should air this fall.

Today we also found out the fate of CBS’ Supergirl.  Supergirl will receive a second season but on CBS.  Supergirl will join the WB with fellow DC Comic series of Flash, The Arrrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.  Along with the change in networks (CW is half owned by CBS and half by Warner Bros), Supergirl will move from filming in Los Angeles to Vancouver.  Rumors had squirled about the possibility for over a month.  Not only is Supergirl season 2 set to go but I will be able to watch it the next day on HULU with the change of Networks.  (EW)

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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