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Geeky KOOL and Titans of the Fantastic @ LibraryCon2017

This Saturday, I will be a busy guy at LibraryCon2017.  I will be representing both Geeky KOOL and the Titans of the Fantastic.  I am moderating an awesome panel with the Featured Guests panel.

I will start of the morning setting up the Geeky KOOL booth. Are table is 403.  We are between the comics and the science fiction sections.  I couldn’t ask for more perfect placement.  The booth will be worked all day. I have recruited my 16 year old daughter, Natasha, will be my intern to help me work the booth and to be my photographer (she is an excellent young photographer).  Come by and check out us out.

I will moderate the Featured Guest panel with comic book greats, Javier Saltares, Cullen Bunn, and Jeremy Haun.  I am stoked for this panel with these incredible guests.   It is an honor to be the moderator for such an awesome panel.

Javier Saltares is a phenominal legend of an artist. He is known for his beautiful art with Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and many more from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Valiant.

Cullen Bunn must be the busiest man in comics.  Because he is one of the greatest writers in comics today, he is in demand. He writes more comics a month than we can count. A few of his comics are X-Men:Blue, Monster’s Unleashed, Sixth Gun, Hellheim, The Damned, Deadpool Killustrated, Venom, Star Wars: Darth Maul and many, many more.

No one can deny the beautiful art of the uber talented Jeremy Haun.  His art causes you to pick up issues that you would not otherwise.  Jeremy is know for is work on comics like Constantine, Batwoman, The Beauty, and Wolf Man.

In my free time, I will be Live on Facebook interviewing for Titans of the Fantastic.  Keith, Brittney, and I have dived up various interviews to post live. We will then bring them over to our Titans of the Fantastic Youtube Channel and talk about the awesomeness of LibraryCon.  You will not want to miss our interviews.

LibraryCon will be a very busy day for me.  But I am so excited for it.  This is always one of my favorite conventions.  This year there is even more to love. Hope to see you there.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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