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Geektastic Apps

My wife and I recently bought new cell phones.  They are actually much more than just phones.  They are HTC Inspire Android devices.  We relish our new smart phones.

The Inspire comes pre-loaded with a bunch of good apps, along with a few wastes of space.  The Social Networking apps for Twitter and Facebook are beneficial.  Many great Google apps were pre-installed and I found a bunch of free cool G-Apps such as Navigation, Documents, and even looking at the night sky with Sky Map.  I download a bunch of other useful apps for reading books, finding gas station prices,  movies, and shopping.  I have a moblie version of Blogger so I can blogity blog blog blog on the go. There are also a bunch of fun game apps like Angry Birds and 9 Innings: Pro Baseball (a fun baseball game with MLB Teams and Players)

I transitioned from seeking practical apps (even though I am still finding other great practical apps) to geektastic apps.  I loaded apps to help me with my comic book hobby.  Comics X and Graphic.ly Comics are both awesome apps so you can download and read comic books on your mobile devise.  Each site has some free comics along with their pay comic books. CBI LTD helps me track my comic book collection. I also loaded Comic Reader so I can keep up on the daily comics without having to purchase a newspaper.

Just for geeky fun, I downloaded some apps for amusement.  SWORD! is and app with 6 various swords types and they make different sounds when swinging your phone.  On the same vain, I loaded Ultimate Lightsaber for Jedi/Sith dueling.  Finally Sonic Screwdriver is a fun Dr Who app where you can use the Doctor’s all purpose devise- the Sonic Screwdriver.  These are a blast to use at a whim and my daughter loves them.

My Android has become an extension of me and my geeky taste. I am lovin’ every minute of it.

These have been a few geeky thoughts of my complex mind.
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