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Comic Book Review: FF Issues 1-3

The BUZZ was all about the death of a member of the Fantastic Four back in January.  The news came out later in the month that the Human Torch heroically meet his end while saving the world and the rest of the Fantastic Four.  The part of the story that was overlooked by most people was Spiderman was going to replace the Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four.  This intrigued me more than the death of the Torch (because Johnny will be back to life in a few months or maybe years but they always come back from the dead.)

Spiderman is my favorite Super Hero by a large margin.  Historically, he has had a great relationship with the Fantastic Four.  He attempted to join them back in Amazing Spiderman issue number 1.  I have never been a huge Fantastic Four fan but always enjoyed an occasional issue or team up with Spidey.

With this in mind, I place my order for newly named FF series. I could not wait to see how the Webhead would interact and integrate into the Fantastic Four.  Would the Wall Crawler bring a new tension to the series?

I found issue #1 to be entertaining and full of potential.  There are some fun play with everyone missing Johnny and Spidey trying to fit in. I could see  This was why I signed up for the new FF series.  

The Fantastic Four has changed their name to the Future Foundation (reason they changed the series to just FF instead of the traditional Fantastic Four) and have added more than just the Web Slinger.  They had added several super intelligent children, Dragon Man as a babysitter, and Reed Richards time traveling Father who looks to be younger than Reed.  I was a bit lost on who these characters were and why they were there.

The action in issue # 1 was the proper balance.  They fought some badguys and also developed the characters and interaction .

The end of issue one sets up issue two with Dr Doom showing up because he was invited.  It picks up in issue two. Luckily he is not joining the Future Foundation.  He is there to get help.  He has lost part of his brain capacity along with his abilities and sorcery (sorcery- really?)  They spend this issue trying to figure out how to get it back and spend a pain amount of time sitting around doing nothing until they can get a “backup” of Doom’s brain.  This was all done for purpose of pleasing Reed’s daughter who wants Doom whole so he can help her find a way to defeat Reed.  I can not make this stuff up.

The third issue has the FF inviting all their greatest enemies to help Doom figure out how to defeat Reed.  They are doing this because there are enormous amount of Reed Richards from different universes (when did the Marvel Universe get the Multiverse?) They are causing havoc and this is the reason the FF and their greatest enemies must find a way to defeat the multiple Reeds.  

Issue three was more painful to read than issue two.  I felt like I was missing pages and issues to understand what is really going on.  It was not as bad feeling of confusion as reading Final Crisis but not too far away.  

After a good first issue, the next two issues have soured me on the new FF series. I really desire to like this series with the addition of Spiderman. I have not quite given up on it yet but another drab issue and this series goes in my short run stack.

These have been a few geeky thoughts of my complex mind.  
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