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FOX Pulls the Plug on Almost Human

Image via Fox.com
Image via Fox.com

The Fox Network is known for two things in the Geekdom.  Firstly, they are known for giving great science fiction ideas a chance on their network when other networks will not give them a chance.  As awesome as that sounds, they are more known for killing of those same shows before these series have a chance to prove themselves.  If it is on the ratings bubble and it is sci fi, FOX will kill it faster than an android’s processor.

FOX once again proved that they are the kings of killing Sci Fi. The entertaining futurist cop buddy show, Almost Human has been obliterated like Alderaan.  The team up of the harden human cop and the quirky android partner has come to an end at the hands of the Network that killed Firefly, Dark Angel, Space: Above & Beyond, Brisco County Jr, and many more.

Rest in Peace Almost Human. Rest with your forefathers that went before you.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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