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Flame Thrower for Sale

image via arstechnica.co.uk
image via arstechnica.co.uk

Two companies are legally selling flame throwers in the United States.

Ion Productions sells portable flame throwers for $900.00 including shipping.  Ion Productions raised $150,000 on IndieGoGo for the development of the product.

The flame thrower’s name is XM42.  It can shoot flame over 25 feet. It has around 35 seconds of burn time per tank of fuel.  The tanks weighs around 10 pounds a piece.

XMatter is another Flame Thrower company.  It is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

The XMatter has double the range of the XM42.  It costs $1,600 to purchase.  It weighs around 50 pounds.

In the past, Flame Throwers were only military grade.  No one made them for the general public. They were never cheap enough for private ownership.  Now they are cheap enough for a normal person to purchase.

No telling how long these flame throwers will be legal in all of the United States.  Bans of personal flame throwers are sure to pop up quickly.

As a pyro in my youth, part of me would love to have a personal flame thrower.  I could light the charcoal grill with it. Nothing says home protection like a flame thrower.  But nothing says burning down my house with my personal flame thrower.

(Via Arstechnica UK)

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