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Felicia Day Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

I attended the Felicia Day Panel @ Planet Comicon Kansas City.  Clare Krammer of Buffy was the host for the interviewe.  But most of of the panel was Felicia taking questions from the crowd.

Felicia Day was very funny.  Her comedic timing of her personality showed through in everything.  The panel sailed by quickly and everyone was sad when it ended.

Felicia talked a little about having a baby.  She discussed how breast feeding a crazy experience and does weird things to a mother’s body.  She joked about how any mother that can keep her baby alive with some sort of food should be commended.  She also joked about how she has gain some weight since having a baby but found out a wonderful lesson.  You don’t have to stress out about weight gain but rather you can just buy new pants that are bigger.

Since Felicia is now a part of the renewed Mystery Science Theater 3000, she brought out a couple of special guests.  She was given ballon versions of Tom Servo and Crow from a fan.  Felicia brought them with her.  You can see Crow above in the picture.  She discussed her new role on this series.

She had a lot of questions about Supernatural and her role as Charlie.  Lots of people loved the character of Charlie and it was apparent. Felicia told the story of being told her character was being killed. She thought they might bring her back to life eventually but then in the next episode the boys burned her body.  She stated if the writers on Supernatual can find a way to keep bringing “poor Jim Beaver”‘s character of Bobby back for episodes then they should be able to bring back Charlie.

Felicia also had a lot of comments and questions about the Guild.  She told about writing the character of Codex and how fun it was to write the character she would play. She discussed how every character she writes has a piece of her. She also stated that she was a bit burned out at the end of the Guild and couldn’t write anymore for those characters for a long time.

It was a wonderful panel.  This is Felicia’s first Midwest convention.  She didn’t know that she was in Missouri and not Kansas but we will forgive her for that.
Stay Geeky My Friends! 


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