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Everglade Angels Creator Harassed for Cover Art

Everglade Angels Creator Harassed for Cover Art


Comic book creator Blake Northcutt posted an image of a comic on Twitter. This brought the wrath of someone that didn’t appreciate the look of the comic book.  QueenAnitaCox tweeted out a response to the cover (above) by calling Blake a neckbeard INCEL and a Trump Bro.

QueenAnitaCox appeared to be offended by the voluptuous drawn character on the cover of the issue. She compared this comic to 90s comics where women were drawn with big chests.  She made a ton of assumptions about the creators of this comics including that they were all men.

Blake Northcutt is a lady.  The cover artist who drew the character in the above picture is  Leila Leiz and she is also female.  Northcutt hired Leiz to do the cover because “she illustrates the female figure so beautifully, and I wanted a fun, sexy, 90s vibe for Everglade Angels.”  (Bored Panda)

Northcutt played with QueenAnitaCox by replying with a few tweets of her own.


Northcutt has changed her Twitter name to match the insult.  She now goes by Blake “American Dude Bro” Northcott.  Way too funny.

Everglade Angels is a comic created by Blake Northcott, Scott Lobdell and Roc Upchurch.  It is not for everyone.  It is a horror comic.  It is ADULT COMIC so be aware.

If you are interested in supporting this Creator Owned comic, check out the Kickstarter for their comic right here.  There is 12 days to go and they are already in their stretch goals.  It appears QueenAnitaCox’s tweet might have backfired because there are a ton of people that wants to read this.

Below is a video of images from the comic.

Lastly, check out this humorous Youtube video they created about the creative process and how Blake got Scott Lobdell on the project.  This was posted to Youtube long before Queen Anita tweeted out her disdain.

This is not my typical style of comic. But the humor of Blake Northcutt and how she handled the idiot has made me a fan. I am now following her on Twitter and she is hysterical.

If you don’t like the art or the story of a comic, it is simple, don’t read it. You don’t have to hate on it. Just don’t spend your money on it.  Not everyone will appreciate what you like. Some might like things you find distasteful. When they do, just move along and only worry about yourself. There is way too much hate and attempts to tell people what they can like.

(Via Bored Panda)

Stay Geeky!

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