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Don’t despair the web is here!

Don’t despair the web is here!

Hello everyone, Ashley of Geekykool here. Tonight, in light of the recent events I want to share some free entertainment sources I’ve found on the world wide web to help everyone take their minds of the COVID19 pandemic. At least for a little bit.

First fellow horror lovers rejoice, this was found through twitter and I have verified it to be true.

Shudder, the horror streaming service is giving free thirty day trials to their website. Movies currently available include the original nineteen eighty seven Flowers In The Attic, The Exorcist, and Friday The Thirteenth. CBS All Access has jumped on the bandwagon of free services, for all of you Star Trek fans.

Nine Inch Nails has released two free albums available  for download on their website. Author/Songwriter Emilie Autumn has also released one of her songs from her new musical The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls.

Big Dog Ink publishing is giving away digital copies of their comic Critter.

So please, even though this pandemic is hard on everyone, be thankful we live in the internet age and stay inside as much as possible.









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