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Donald Glover Added to Spider-Man: Homecoming

Not too long ago, there was a campaign for Donald Glover to become the next Spider-Man. That campaign didn’t pan out.  It brought a lot of discussion about Glover as an actor and the character of Miles Morales.

Donald Glover was added to the new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man Homecoming.  His role has not been confirmed.  It is possible that Glover could portray the other Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

In the Comic books, Miles is from an alternate world where Peter Parker died as a hero.  He is much younger than the regular Marvel Universe Spidey.  Glover is significantly older than Tom Holland, the high school age Peter Parker.

I am excited with Glover’s addition to the cast of Homecoming.  I doubt Glover will be Miles Morales.  But you never know.

Stay Geeky My Friends! 


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