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Death of Wolverine

Image via ew.com
Image via ew.com

I knew that it was just a matter of time  before this would happen.  According to the EW.Com, Marvel Comics is set to kill off one of their most popular character, Wolverine. Logan has lived for hundreds of years because of his mutant healing factor that staves off age and heals virtually every injury.  But now he will die and Marvel is making a mini-series out of his death.

This popular X-Men character has seen his share of trauma over the years.  He was inserted with a super strong metal over his bones and only survived because of his healing factor.  He had no memories for a long period of time. He has been tormented by psychological trauma. He has lost countless girl friends, wives, friends, and teammates.  He had the Adamantium metal ripped out of him by Magneto.  Everything that could have gone wrong for him has gone wrong over the course of his comic book years.

Wolverine has now lost his healing factor.  He will not be able to survive like he has in the past.  He will finally be put in the ground as dead, like so many people he has killed in the past.

The death of Wolverine should not be a surprise to any Marvel Comics fan.  Marvel loves to kill off their heroes only to bring them back.  Peter Parker’s body was taken over by Doc Ock and Peter’s conscience died in Octavius’s body less than a year and a half ago.  Now, the real Peter is back.  The Human Torch died a few years ago and he was back to life in less than a year.  Captain America has come back to life more than once.  I can’t tell you all the other X-Men that have died to only come back to life a little later.

Marvel has finally found a way kill of Wolverine.  They will get a ton of free publicity (we are already doing this for them) for killing off one of their most popular characters.  This will make the big time news when the event is going on.  But if you are a Logan fan, I wouldn’t worry too much. The old man is bound to come back to life within a couple of years if not sooner.

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