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DC’s Billion Dollar Man~ Aquaman

DC’s Billion Dollar Man~ Aquaman

Aquaman has gone from the joke of comic book heroes to the big box office stud for DC.  This week, Aquaman surpassed 1 Billion dollars at the box office.  There is  no signs it is going to end anytime soon.  

The only other DC movies to pass 1 Billion were the Dark Knight 
($1.004 billion) and the Dark Knight Rises ($1.08 billion).  
Aquaman has already passed the Dark Knight and should quickly pass The Dark Knight Rises. Batman’s reign as the only Billionare for DC is now over.

Even though Aquaman  has taken the world by storm, he hasn’t dominated the American box office at the same level.  So far, Aquaman has brought in around $237 Million in the U.S. and Canada.  This is below 
 Wonder Woman at $412.5 million, Suicide Squad at $325.1 million, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at $330.3 million. 

Aquaman remains the top movie in the United States so it is difficult to believe it won’t break both Suicide Squad and BVS totals.  It might have a difficult time catching up to Wonder Woman in the U.S. 

These are great numbers for a guy that used to be know for only talking to Fish.  To be honest, Aquaman has been a powerhouse character in DC comics for a long time. His character on the Saturday morning cartoon, The Super Friends, has pigeon holed him in the public’s mind.   Most of Pop Culture just didn’t have any idea of who Aquaman really is until Jason Momoa took on the role.

As a huge fan of comic books and comic movies, I am excited about the success of this film.  I am more of a Marvel guy, but I give it up for the DC an Warner for making this film and proving fans right.  The success reminds me of how Guardians proved the MCU.  Hats off to Aquaman, even if he is just a poor man’s rip off of Namor the Submariner.  


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