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DC Comics – New Digital Comics Still Available on Wednesdays

DC Comics – New Digital Comics Still Available on Wednesdays

DC Comics set to release their Digital First Comics this Wednesday.  This means those select comics come out digitally and then they may or may not be bound into collections and put in comic store.  This is not something new these comics. They have been digital first with this small list of comics for a while and isn’t a reation to the COVID 19 virus.  The news is that these comics will be available while their regular printed issues will not.

Some were worried this crisis might be the time DC or Marvel tries to just push all of their current issues to digital and see how things go.  That is a step that the publishers might not pull back from after the Coronapocalypse if it went well. That could lead to the end of comic book shops as we know it.  At this point, DC and Marvel are not pushing their new printed comics straight to digital.  If these companies were leaning this way before this epidemic,  then we should be seeing it now.

DC will also be adding some of their trades to digital for release on Wednesday.  These were also planned to be released digitally.  DC is adding other back issues digitally for the first time.

Below is a list of comics DC will release digitally on April 1st.

1st Issue Special #8
Batman: The Adventures Continue #1
Detective Comics #356
Doorway To Nightmare #5
Eclipso #3
Freedom Fighters: Rise Of A Nation
gen:Lock #14
Justice League Of America; Celebration Of 60 Years
Super Friends #4
Teen Titans Go! To Camp #6
The Spectre #4
Transmetropolitan Book Three
Wanted: The World’s Most Dangerous Villains #9
Weird Mystery Tales #1
Wonder Woman Vol 2: Love Is A Battlefield


(Via Bleeding Cool)

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