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DC Heroines Playing D&D

Image via http://kylelatino.deviantart.com
Image via http://kylelatino.deviantart.com

This is an awesome picture from Kyle Latino on his deviantart page.  I saw this on a few KOOL websites (The Mary SueIO9,  and Real Girls Gaming Tumblr)  today and had to re-post it.

It reminds me of all of my role playing days of my youth and my 20 somethings where I was often the game master.  All of the different type of role players can be seen in this picture.  I can honestly say I have been each one of these types at different times and in various groups.

You have Wonder Woman as the animated Dungeon Master, with the customized screen, telling the story and prodding the group in the correct direction.  Batgirl is either shocked by the turn of events or realizes she made a crucial mistake in developing her character.  Black Canary is overconfident and drinking her soda.  Zantana appears to be looking to find the specific rule that will give her an advantage or contradict the the DM (I hated those players as a GM).  Hawkgirl is simply waiting to just kill something and get the loot.

I Love this image.

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