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DC Comics/ Warner Bros Register 4 Comic Book Movie Domains


DC Comics’ parent company, Warner Bros, has registered four different comic book movie website domains.  They registered JusticeLeagueFilm.com, ShazamMovie.com,WonderWomanTheMovie.com, and AquamanMovie.com. Currently all four websites only point you back to the Warner Bros website.  

We already knew about Warner Bros planning on releasing a Justice League movie some time after the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.  We were hopeful that they would make a Wonder Woman movie soon rather than later.  There have been rumors of a Shazam movie with Dwayne Johnson as Captain Marvel/Shazam. Aquaman is probably the most surprising of the movies listed but it isn’t a huge surprise.  These could be great movies if done correctly.

Remember that domain registration doesn’t mean that Warner Bros is guaranteeing a movie. Registering a domain is a precursor step to keep the website name from being taken and held for ransom if a movie is made. It is possible that none of these movies will get made if Batman V Superman bombs at the box office.  But Warner Bros has a clear desire to compete with Marvel Studios super hero movies so it is a great chance we will see all 4 movies by the end of the decade.

(Via  Tech Times)

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