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Day 3 of Oz-Con

Day 3 of Oz-Con

Oz-Con Day 3 was a whirlwind.  I had two events that dominated my day.  There wasn’t much booth time for me on this short day.

A.J. and I had an early panel at 11 am.  It was The Doctor Who Panel.  It was early on a Sunday for a panel but we have 5 Whovians show up with us.  It was a group discussion about everything from our favorite Doctor to our favorite companions to our favorite bad guys.  There were even some heated moments of discussion in the panel.

I only had 30 minutes after that panel to head to Dungeons and Dragons.  Geeky KOOL was presenting D&D for newbies and for fun.  I ran a one shot, which I had created prior.  This was a ton of fun with some great friends.

Our D&D session ended shortly before the closing ceremonies and the raffle prizes.  That wrapped up our day at the convention.

I love Oz-Con. It is always a pleasure to attend Oz-Con.  And it is incredible honor that I am a guest for them.

Stay Geeky! 




















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