David Tennant Joins Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones as a Villain

Image via fashionablygeek.com/
Image via fashionablygeek.com/

David Tennant is my favorite Doctor on Doctor Who.  I loved his portrayal of the Manicy Doctor.  But he has played a ton of other great roles including roles on Broadchurch, Fright Night, and the Harry Potter films.  He has now taken a role as a major villain in Netflix’s upcoming Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones. 

Tennant will portray the creepy and powerful Kilgrave.  Kilgrave is also known as the Purple Man in the comics for his purple hue skin tone.  He has the ability to make people do his will and bidding.  He was a big villain for both Daredevil and Luke Cage but has become infamous for his role in the comic book Alias,  which the series A.K.A. Jessica Jones is based off.

Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones is set to be the second of four Marvel series on Netflix (first being Daredevil) and will premiere later in 2015.

Jessica Jones had a short superhero career that devastated her life.  She tries to bring back the pieces and opens up a Detective Agency but can’t stay away from those of super abilities.  She will develop a relationship with mighty Luke Cage and face off against the Purple Man and her own demons.

Many people are excited to see Tennant take on this role. Here is a couple of quotes about the expectations from this announcement.

“I’m so honored and excited by the prospect of David inhabiting this multifaceted character,” said Rosenberg (Executive Producer/Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg). “He can deliver the most heart-wrenching moment to the driest of lines, and all points in between. He’ll make Kilgrave a truly original villain.”

“Anyone familiar with David’s work knows he brings an incredible level of dedication to any role he inhabits, a level we knew we would need from the man playing Kilgrave,” said Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer/Marvel’s Head of Television. “While most know him for his roles as a hero, we can’t wait to unleash a whole new side of this talented actor.”  (Marvel.com)

(Via Marvel.com)
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