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Dan DiDio Fired from DC Comics

Last Friday morning, Warner Bros fired Dan DiDio from being the co–publisher of DC Comics.  Rumor has it that he was fired for “fostering a poor work environment”.  DiDio was known for being a micro-manager of comics and everyone under him.  He is associated with huge delays in some of the books getting to make it work with his over all story.

DiDio was responsible to the rumored 5G (Generation Five) storyline.  Rumors have the 5G has an event happening in 2020 where it changes everything.  Many of the characters would be aged and replaced with younger characters in an ongoing way (not just a temporary ploy) such as Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Princess Diana.  It is unknown if the 5G rumored event will happen with DiDio now gone.

Will Jim Lee now be the full publisher of DC Comics?  There are tons of questions that should be answered over time.

I am hoping Bryan will write up his opinion on the this situation later in the week.  We did meet DiDio at Planet Comicon a few years ago.  He was pleasant to meet but you got the sense of his intensity.

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