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Cosplay @ Wizard World St. Louis part 1

Here are photos of some of the Cosplayers at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con.  WWSL had a bunch of great Cosplay.  I wanted to share these photos with our readers.  I am dividing it up into two parts to make it easier to view.   Here is Part One of the Cosplay Photos from WWSL 2013.

Here are two of the members of Airship Vindus, Steampunk web series.  Tobias “Cinder” Blackmoore and Jacob “Gunny” McManus are taking Wizard World St. Louis by storm.

Airship Vindus

Here is the Dynamic Duo battling crime in St. Louis.  I am not sure which Boy Wonder this is but he is ready for action.


Marvel’s Spider-Man and Black Cat crosses universes with Alice.  One of the great things about about Comic Cons is the crossing of universes.


The Captain was in the house.  He is always inspiring and more than just a boyscout.


Captain Santiago Dunbar took a brake from flying his Dirigible (Airship) the S.S. Beatrix. “May the wind be at your back!”  I will post about Captain Dunbar’s metals in a future article.

CaptainSantiago Dunbar



“Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don’t you think?” Hero of Canton


Here flaming motorcycle!  Come here demon spawn cycle!


Iron Man and Black Widow talk to fans and get there pictures taken after saving St. Louis.  It is disappointing that Ms Potts was not in attendance.


Ever dance with the Devil in the Pale moonlight?  I always ask that of all my prey.  I just like the sound of it.

Someone is building a new world at the convention one block at a time.


Some people at Wizard World were such Pinheads.  Unbelievably scary.


Well Sugar it looks like X-Men are in St. Louis for Wizard World. Rouge, Cyclops, and Dark Phoenix demonstrate their mutant powers.


 The X-Men have a major crossover with Ghost Rider and Spider-Man.  I am sure it will be call the Secret Convention.


Black Cat joins in with Rouge and Dark Phoenix for a Marvel Team Up.  These ladies rock the 616 universe.


Red Hood crosses from the DC to Marvel to join in with these ladies of the X-Men.


I attempted to hold a conversation with Snake Eyes but he refused to talk to me.  He just looked at me.  At least he let me take his photo. Yo Joe!


People always say a couple starts to look alike after they have been together for a while.  This is even true in the Empire of Wizard World.


Look for the second half of Cosplay images later in the week.

2 thoughts on “Cosplay @ Wizard World St. Louis part 1

  1. I followed Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and Avengers, but intermittently. As one who read comics more casually, and pretty well stopped after I was 13 or so, it is always interesting to see the variety of characters and fun to see how people devise costumes. The one thing that would bring a post like this to the next level is strictly mechanical – get better focus in the pics. If you are relying on a camera phone, you might need to borrow a better quality camera, or be more diligent in previewing and retake as necessary. I always look forward to see what’s new on GeekyKool.com. Keep up the great coverage, Larry. I look forward to more pix!

  2. James,

    My camera was having issues so I had to use my camera phone. I would love to have a nice camera but I don’t own one.

    Do you have a nice camera I can use for C2E2 in April?

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