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Meeting Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

Meeting Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure @ Planet Comicon Kansas City

On Sunday of Planet Comicon Kansas City, I made my way around by the booth that Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure were at.  They were talking to fans and taking pictures.  They were super friendly with everyone.  I stopped and met two people who made my childhood KOOL.

For those that don’t know, Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure played brother and sister Will and Holly Marshal on the 70s Saturday morning hit show, Land of the LOST.  This show was a must-watch for me as a kid.  I loved the KOOL stories and fun family dynamics and, of course, I loved the Dinosaurs.

Wesley and Kathy appeared to be having a great time at the convention and hanging out.  when I stopped and talked to them, they gave me their attention and joked around with me.  This went to the point where Wesley was making fun of me in a humorous playful way (not in a mean way at all).  I looked up at them and stated, “I have just meet Will and Holly from my childhood and Will is making fun of me.  I think I can die happy right now.”  Wesley quick-wittedly stated, “Don’t die here in front of our booth! If you are going to die, move to another booth.”

During our brief but memorable discussion, I revealed that Kathy was my first screen crush as a 4-6-year-old kid. She stated, “I always had the younger boys liking me.  They never knew if they wanted to play, kiss me, or punch me.”  I retorted, “I would have been happy with any of that.”

This was honestly one of the highlights of Planet Comicon Kansas City for me.  Getting to have a conversation with two of my childhood idols was incredible.   Thank you for your time and discussion, Kathy and Wesely.  You made this geek such a happy geek.

If you ever have a chance to meet Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure, do yourself a favor and meet them.  They are fantastic people and so fun to talk to.  Thank you, Planet Comicon Kansas City for bringing them to the convention.

Stay Geeky!

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