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Cosplay at STLV 2021

Cosplay at STLV 2021

Like every other Sci-Fi Convention, Star Trek Las Vegas, had its fair share of cosplayers.  Here are photos taken over the course of the 5 days of the event.  All Photos were taken with the Verbal consent of the cosplayers, who also knew I would be sharing them on this website.

Klingon and Federation friendships
cosplay as the “angel” from the episode “and the children shall lead”
Cosplayers at the Minard fan film panel
Mirror universe Kirk and Spock
even Hawkman is a star trek fan. His wings were motorized. definitely one of the best costumes I saw.
Admiral Slater and Klingons secure Peace in our time
excellent ST:TMP captains uniform
Lower decks operations department cosplay
StarFleet Admiral with a parasite creature from the TNG episode “Conspiracy” on him
Zephram Cochrane and Vulcan Ambassador
cosplayers from the mirror universe
a couple of lovely StarFleet Officers
Trader with a Tribble, Starfleet officer and an Andorian
Taking a music break while off duty
Galaxy Quests Gwen Demarco and Dr Lazaus, with a beryllium sphere
Two Thermians
the end credit from TOS(possibly the best cosplay of the weekend)
Dr Who”s weeping angels
Rut roh, she is awake
She see’s you
And you are chilled to the bone. nice knowing ya
TOS red shirt and Klingon warrior
Marvel Starfleet superheroes
the Gorn attacks
I have been assimilated.

so there you have it, a bit of the fun cosplay from Las Vegas.  Stay Geeky my friends



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