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Comic Book Artist José Delbo Passes Away

Comic Book Artist José Delbo Passes Away

José Delbo passed away at 90 years of age. Delbo was an Argentine comic book artist.  His career spanned seven decades.  Delbo started as a comic book artist on the Argentine comic book, Poncho Negro when he was only 16 years old.

Delbo is known for his long run as the artist on the Wonder Woman series.  He drew Wonder Woman from 1976 with issue 222 and all of the way through issue 286 in 1981. Delbo worked hand in hand with writer Gerry Conway.  During that time, they took Wonder Woman back to World War II and then later back to the present (1970s).  They killed Steve Trevor and brought him back to life.  They created a new version of the arch-rival, Cheetah.

In 1986, Delbo went Marvel.  He co-crated Brute Force with Simon Furman. He worked on ThunderCats and NFL SuperPro.  He had an acclaimed stint on The Transformers comics

Rest in Peace, José Delbo, you are missed.

(Via CBR)

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