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Characters in TNT’s The Titans TV Series

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

According to the Nerdist, we know who what characters will be in their The Titans TV Series as of the current pilot.

The main character will be Dick Grayson.  Grayson was the original Robin, the Boy Wonder.  At the start of the pilot, he is breaking away from Batman to go out on his own. He moves to Boston and works as a detective.  It is expected for him to take up the hero name of Nightwing shortly into the series.

Barbara Gordon will be a member of the Titans. She is best known as the original Batgirl.  In this series, she will be wheelchair bound and be a computer expert for the group (post Killing Joke).  She will take on the mantel of the Oracle but may not be called that in the series.

Rachel Roth, aka Raven, will be a member of the group.  She is the daughter of an inter-dimensional demon and has the abilities of an Empath and Teleporter with her “Soul Self”.  She has to control her own emotions to keep her inner demon at bay.

Hank Hall and Dawn Granger will be Hawk and Dove for the Titans.  They are a super powered couple that keeps each other in check with their aggression and peace.  They are a romantically involved super hero couple. We can expect and romantic tension and misunderstanding from this couple.

The final known character (at least for the pilot) is Starfire.  Princess Koriand’r from Tamaran has the ability to fly and fire “Star Bolts” (light energy).  In the comics, she has had a relationship with Dick Grayson but so has Barbara Gordon.

Fans of the Titans may be disappointed by several missing classic characters.  Beast Boy, aka the Changeling (Garfield Logan), is not listed so the Titans will not have his animal morphing abilities and witty sense of humor. Cyborg, Vic Stone, isn’t on the team but he will be in the Justice League movie and will have his own movie (so don’t expect him to show up).  Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl/ Troia, isn’t listed but she is just now being introduced into the New 52 (DC’s Reboot universe) and as a bad guy to boot.  Fellow sidekicks of Kid Flash (Wally West) and Roy Harper, aka Speedy (aka Red Arrow, aka Arsenal) will be tied to their television series of The Arrow and The Flash.

Image via tonnerdoll.com
Image via tonnerdoll.com

The one character I am most upset about not being included is Donna Troy.  I have always been a huge fan of Donna.  She was a more interesting version of Wonder Woman.  I loved her Red Tights outfit.  I was so hoping she would be included.  Robin/Nightwing might be the leader of the group but Donna was always the heart and soul of the Titans.

I know that things are weird for her character in the new 52 but still they are missing strongest and most powerful member of the Titans.  She would have been a great role models for girls watching this series.  I think both TNT and DC are missing the boat by leaving Wonder Girl out of this show.
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