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C2E Review

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I am still recovering from my Trip to Chicago and to C2E2.  The nine hour drive each was fun with my buddy Mike but it wore me out.  The fun and excitement of C2E2 was a blast but the non stop fun does take it out of me.  If only I was still in my 20s as my brain attempts to deceive me.

I was only home for a day and a half before I had to hit the road for a work conference.  I was already tired from C2E2 but that added to my exhaustion.

Time to finally talk about my experience as a whole with C2E2 2015.  I was really looking forward to this year’s large convention.  I was psyched for the experience but how would it stack up to my expectations.

On my two days, Friday and Saturday, at C2E2, I made it a priority to meet some of my favorite creators.  I was able to meet Mark Waid, writer for Daredevil and numerous other comics I have loved over the years including Legion of Superheroes.  I stood in a long line for Johnathan Hickman who had a great run on Fantastic Four and will be writing the upcoming Secret Wars.  I have already written extensively about how I finally got to meet Dan Slott.  I actually meet and chatted with several well known and some less well known comic creators.  That is always a huge highlight on any comic convention.

The one creator I wanted to see but didn’t was Stan Lee.  The great creator of Spider-Man and most of my favorite Marvel heroes was at C2E2 but I failed to meet him.  This was purely my fault.  I knew if I wanted to meet Mr Lee, I would have to pony up the cash and stand in line.  I had actually budgeted for it with the $60 to get Stan the Man to sign something.  I had settled on Stan signing my Amazing Spider-Man 700.  Early on the first day, I found out that Marvel was having a raffle on Saturday for a chance to meet Stan Lee.  I day dreamed how awesome that would be to have more than just a quick signature. My mind screamed- Excelsior!

Because of this, I didn’t go stand in the long line on Friday for the signing.  I took a chance to win a meeting on Saturday.  That backfired!  I didn’t win one of only 10 (and I didn’t know on Friday that it was only 10) chances to meet Stan.  Stan’s time was very busy on Saturday, the busiest day of the convention. He had several things to do and his line was extremely long.  I decided to go stand in his line after meeting Dan Slott but I never imagined that it would take me over 3 hours to meet Mr Slott.  Hopefully next time I can meet Mr. Lee, an idol from my Childhood.


One of the great things things about c2E2 is hanging out with friends.  Both Thursday night (night before) and Friday night, I had dinner with my geek buddies.  My Convention brother, Mike, and I enjoyed the dinners with Julie Wilhelm​ and  Gary M. Lobstein of Day 304 Productions​, comic artist Chris Bailey​ , Geeky KOOL contributor Tina Brunker​. Enjoyable conversation and delicious food was the center of our time.  The first night we ate at Giordanos, which has the best pizza I have ever tasted- everyone should experience it.  The second night walked to China Town for Dim Sum (great Chinese Finger Foods) at the Triple Crown- also totally awesome food.

2015-04-24 19.36.48

2015-04-24 20.31.04

C2E2 was a great time as a fan and as a member of the press covering the event.  I met a ton of great people including creators, exhibitors, and fellow geeks.  I communed with great friends and ate tremendous food.  C2E2 2015 was even better than I had hoped it would be.  I cannot wait until C2E2 2016.

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Stay Geeky My Friends!

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