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Brianna Wu on Risking Her Life and Gamergate

Video: MSNBC on GamerGate

I have posted on the several times on the problems of internet bullying of women.  The Gamergate group has used journalistic integrity as a mantra but many in this group have made rape and death threats to female programmers.   Several of these ladies have gone into hiding and many others have left to software engineering field.

Never is it okay to make threats to harm people. Rape and murder threats are serious. People who threaten women have my fury against them. This is just WRONG!  You should be put in prison a long time. This is no way to talk to or about anyone.  Treatment of women in this fashion should never, ever be tolerated no matter what your reasons.

Brianna Wu is one of the female game programmer/developers who have received these threats.  My heart goes out to her and her family.  This is absolutely nuts.  She posted an article on Bustle.com entitled: I’m Brianna Wu, And I’m Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate.

I rarely ask our readers to go to other sites.  I try to give my framing of the geek news and articles. But I couldn’t even come close to doing this article justice.  Please stop and go over and read this article.

After you have read it, please make a commitment to stop online bullying and threats anyway you can.  We can stop this by firstly committing to never behaving in this manner. We can call out others that have this type of despicable behavior.  Most importantly, we can teach our children that this is not the way to treat people.

Being anonymous doesn’t give you a right to say anything you want.

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