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Black Panther Nominated for Best Picture Oscar

Black Panther Nominated for Best Picture Oscar

Marvel’s Black Panther did something no other superhero has done before.  A comic book movie has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.  This high honor went to one of the most popular movies of 2018.

Marvel’s Black Panther grossed $700 million nationally last year.  It brought in $1.3 Billion internationally.  This is the third largest grossing movie to be nominated for Best Picture behind Avatar and Titanic

For years, the Oscars ignored popular and geek movies. Comic book movies were considered to be very low on that totem pole.  There have been those occasional geek movie bright spots that the Academy just could not ignore like Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Avatar but those are the exceptions to the rule.

Marvel’s Black Panther was further nominated for costume design, original score, original song, production design, sound editing and sound mixing.

I found Marvel’s Black Panther to be a phenomenal story and an epic adventure.  In my mind, it truly is worth the nomination and to win the coveted prize. 

As a comic book fan, it is wonderful to hear the positive views of our culture embracing the characters and stories I have long loved.  Even the film elite have now recognized that even comic books can be adapted into an amazing film.  

It is a proud day for all of us comic book and comic book movie geeks.  

Stay Geeky!

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