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Big Dog Ink’s Goth Day Special

Big Dog Ink’s Goth Day Special

Check out our friends at Big Dog Ink and their Kickstarter for their Goth Day Special.   Here is what they have to say about it.  It is totally awesome.

Last year, Big Dog Ink launched not simply new designs and variant covers based on our characters, but actually created a new world for them all to play in together! World Goth Day allows us to create a new sandbox and visit stories outside of the norm for characters like Critter, Naomi, Scarlette, Dorothy Gale and so many more!

Artist CB Zane (Into the Suck, The Mighty Mite, Black Rabbit) returns to the dark corner of the Big Dog Ink universe and is joined by colorist Gat Melvyn (Legend of Oz) to bring these alternate versions of the BDI characters to life!

Last years issue introduced the idea of this darker world, and a number of its inhabitants, while in 2022 we expand on that world and introduce new characters and situations…including the Mermaid Princess!

Stay Geeky!

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